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デイリー・デイズ ★ DAILY DAYS

you make icons? minus three-hundred points, livejournal.

dailydays icons.
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Stuff for your journal, and stuff just for fun.
daily days
the icon community of timing and thieves
welcome to daily days, the joint graphics community between timing and thieves! here you can find various livejournal graphics -- often (but not always!) of the fandom variety -- made by timing and thieves, like icons and banners. currently daily days is a public community, meaning that you don't have to join just to see the entries in it. in exchange, we ask that you keep these few simple rules in mind while you do:

① please credit our icons when you use them. (you can credit either our personal journals or dailydays.) in addition, do not repost our graphics anywhere without explicit permission and a link back to us.

② unless we say so, blank icons are not bases. some icons just look better without text on them. no, an icon does not become yours if you slap text on it. don't get smart with me little girl.

③ commenting is nice, but not necessary. just something simple like "taking this icon!" will do. it lets us know what people like, and what we should make more of.


the current layout is a smooth sailing css stylesheet from thrashmetal, called "visual bookmark." the profile, inspired by said stylesheet, was made by sasarai for dailydays, and can be found here.